Our facilities

At Jumbuck, we have the people and the facilities to take on every aspect of your job, all under one roof. 

We have two high-spec Dolby Atmos mixing stages with latest Pro Tools rigs, Avid hardware and space for all the mix attendees you can find. Whilst you’re here you will be waited on attentively, and being in Soho/Noho area we have all the food and drinks options you could wish for. 

Our facility is split across two floors of Shelana House on Eastcastle Street. It’s a 3 minute walk from Oxford Circus, and we count numerous picture facilities and other finishing houses within minutes’ walk. 

We have dedicated areas with comfortable seating, natural light and a coffee machine close-by, and we also have a dedicated meeting room for you to book and use as you wish. 


Studio 3

New in 2023, this Whitemark studio is now our biggest mixing stage. Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 monitoring with large desk for mixer and two attending sound editors.

Large 4k laser UST projected image maximises space at the back, and 65″ LG C2 monitor available for grade reference or nearfield reviewing. 

Custom furniture from AKA designs with a long eight-person sofa at the back, and space for additional seating for even larger reviews. 

This studio on the fourth floor benefits from a private meeting room and client area with natural daylight. 

Studio 1

The first stage we built back in 2009 when we moved to Eastcastle Street, this room was redesigned by Whitemark in 2019 to upgrade to Dolby Atmos. 

The room features a 4k projector, reference monitor LG C1, nearfield monitoring, Pro Tools and an Avid S6. 

There is ample room for at least six+ clients along the back sofa, as well as a workstation for attending editors. 

We have a green room off this studio for more editors, or for private meetings and a bit of daylight

Studio 2

A smaller sound stage with room for three clients, mixer and editor, this room is used for mixes, versioning, deliverables and premixing.

Another Whitemark room, it benefits from 7.1 monitoring, the choice of HD projection or TV, and features an identical Pro Tools and Data set up as the larger studios. 

Many smaller shows have been mixed in here, and it is often in use alongside one or other of our main stages to provide flexibility on larger shows.


We record ADR in both Studio 1 and our dedicated ADR room on the fourth floor. 

Our dedicated ADR room is connected up for Source Connect, Source Live, Cleanfeed Studio and Zoom technologies, enabling attended or remote ADR sessions to run smoothly. 

With room for artist, 2-3 clients, recordist and editor, with a large comfortable waiting room next, this is our primary recording space. 

We also record in Studio 1 when it is available, which gives extra space for multiple attendees and artistes.