Critics and Audiences love The End Of The F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World became available to stream on Netflix on 5th January, to huge acclaim. Read some reviews below.


Radio Times sums up TEOTFW as "disturbing and hilarious, sometimes, remarkably, both at once", comparing the show's brilliance to Fleabag; which along with TEOTFW was mixed by David Drake at Jumbuck. Vulture praised the show's short run-time and watchability, saying "brevity has so much value in an over-saturated binge-watching market."

The show's depiction of teenage emotion receives much praise, with Variety saying of James "there’s something so tremulous about his love that even though he’s often really scary, it’s hard not to root for him" and The Atlantic commenting "Barden’s winning, layered performance, and Lawther’s slightly terrifying encapsulation of all of James’s various wounds, make The End of the F***ing World an unexpected treasure."

The End of the F***ing World has also earned praise from fans on Twitter. User @GriffinMadelynn tweeted "The end of the world is in my opinion is one of the best shows Netflix has released and now I need a second season", whilst @happyvocals added "teoftw has such a great soundtrack i love".

The End of the F***ing World is available to stream ad-free on Netflix, or for free on All 4.

Listen to The End of the F***ing World's soundtrack on Spotify.

Read more reviews of TEOTFW from Radio Times, Vulture, Variety and The Atlantic. Tweets by @happyvocals and @GriffinMadelynn.